07 décembre 2007

Perds pas la boule !

Sur la place de la Republique de Chateauroux, il y a une boule de neige geante

Lose not the ball!

On the Place de la Republique de Chateauroux, there was a giant snowball

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~tanty~ a dit…

Oh, beautiful!

Hyde DP a dit…

good to see you back posting

Dina a dit…

hello, here's the recipe for the maltese christmas log ;
2 packets morning coffee biscuits crushed, 1 tin (small) condensed milk, 2 tbsps cocoa powder, 100g glazed cherries and 100 mixed candied peel also both finely chopped, 100g walnuts peeled and chopped and 100g hazelnuts peeled and chopped too, some brandy or whisky or sherry, 1 bar of cooking chocolate to melt for the end. Mix all the ingredients together (apart from the chocolate) then shape into a log and place on a serving tray set in the fridge for a couple of hours to settle, then melt the chocolate and spoon it over the log, decorate with a small xmas decoration if desired, enjoy and hope you like it :)

David Bowman a dit…

cool blog!

Pat a dit…

That's a lovely photo. What a great image! Thanks for posting in my blog as well.


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princessa a dit…

I loved the Xmas decorations in Chateauroux, they were really nice.

Fénix - Bostonscapes a dit…

Knock, knock... Anybody in there??? :)

Where are you guys? I hope you'll resume photo blogging soon.


Pat a dit…

Oh, how lovely is that! Great photo today.


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