17 septembre 2006

Festival de Nohant-Vic, Été 2004

Photo issue du festival de Nohant-Vic auquel j'ai assisté, durant l'été 2004. La présente scène a lieu devant la demeure de l'écrivan George Sand.
Aujourd'hui, je vous suggère un petit jeu : titrer cette publication (démarche inspirée du blog de Manille).

PS: aujourd'hui, mon âge s'incrémente d'une année.

English title to be posted

The shot was taken during summer 2004, as I attended a festival in Nohant-Vic. The above performance took place in front of George Sand's house (Note : G. Sand was an author).
Today is the opportunity to set up a quick contest (also visit Manila DP blog) : could you find a title to this post ?

PS: Today, my age is incremented by one year.

5 commentaires:

BrianG a dit…

Happy increment day!

Denton a dit…

Happy birthday. I had never heard a birthday described this way before. Very original.

Meg Nakagawa a dit…

Happy Birthday!!!Yay! Lovely photo, but I'm not good at titles... The lady in the front (black skirt, eye glasses) don't look too happy, though.

kris a dit…

Happy birthday! ..giving a title?..Neverland

selana18 a dit…

Hi mat,

Happy birthday!
Wish you all the best and many photos every day!
This festival is very original -I have never heard something like this before.
We are waiting a photo from your birthday cake .