13 septembre 2006

Les flèches de Saint André

Église St André, Châteauroux

Je me suis aperçu que je n'avais pas publié cette photo de l'église Saint André, à Châteauroux.

Saint Andrew's spires

I have just noticed I had not posted this picture of Saint Andrew church, in Châteauroux.

3 commentaires:

Meg Nakagawa a dit…

Maybe it's just me... but many large churches/cathedrals are generally preserved, so we get to see them more often than, say the celler of a monastary or prisons. So I find the latter more fascinating. But a nice picture.

FritzMunchner a dit…

The Cathedrals were the center of medievel life. We should look at them and instead of seing we should imagine. The purpose of the cathedrals, is a lot more important than the religeous aspect. Very nice cathedral, gothic from the 13th century with romanesque origin?

Nice picture with a lot of Gargoyles....

FritzMunchner a dit…

By the way, about the preservation of cathedrals, we can't imagine the amount of things that were lost during the last 2 world wars. Unfortunately, a lot of damage were imposed on them, specially the colored glasses (Vitral) were lost. Except in some cases, like in Chartres were the priests hide them during WW2.