04 septembre 2006

Festival de Nohant-Vic

Festival à Nohant-Vic

Je vous ai présenté le festival de Nohant-Vic le 24 août 2006. Voici un autre cliché de ce spectacle en l'honneur de George Sand qui vécut à Nohant.

Nohant-Vic's festival

On 08/24/2006, I introduced you to a festival that had taken place in Nohant-Vic. The aim of the festival was about the George Sand's life. She was a writer who lived in Nohant-Vic.

5 commentaires:

Meg Nakagawa a dit…

How do you keep up with two CDPs when the two cities, from what I understand, are not exactly next door to each other?!? My hats off to you. I like your festival pics... as much as your old buildings and your boats/port photos. Have a good week, Matthieu.

Matthieu a dit…

Thanks for you kind message and support. You understood my situation well. I have an image databank from Châteauroux where I used to live, which is not the case yet. The bad news is that I own a few images I have not posted yet. So the blog may come to its end in the following days. But the good news is -thanks to the blog- I met an American girl who is going to work as an English Assistant at the university. She may update the blog of Châteauroux in the future. Well, I hope so.

Meg Nakagawa a dit…

Oh, I thought you were going to say you met an American girl and the two of you were going to elope! Well, let's hope the old stone buildings of Chateauroux will be posted by her in the future, then. Fingers and toes crossed.

selana18 a dit…

Salut !

Nice capture! I like the theme very much . As meg naagawa said well done for the two CDPS

Nathalie a dit…

bonjour Matthieu,
J'aime beaucoup cette photo du festival, je la trouve bien composée avec du mouvement et une belle lumière. J'ai bien aimé aussi les "euros", parce que je trouve marrant cette réflexion sur l'origine des pièces qu'on a dans sa poche. Voilà qui ne risque pas de nous arriver ici en Australie.
J'allais te poser la même question que Meg - comment tenir à la fois un blog à Chateauroux et à Cherbourg. J'ai la réponse, merci !
A l'occasion, pour le dépaysement, viens voir ce qui se passe à Sydney !