06 août 2006

Le Lavoir

Le lavoir, Châteauroux

Le lavoir, situé à deux pas du Couvent des Cordeliers et du jardin public.

Note: lorsque j'ai pris cette photo, un couple de vacanciers prenait un bain de soleil sur un morceau de pelouse à l'entrée du jardin public. Je ne les ai pas photographié (droit à l'image), mais la situation était cocasse.

The former wash-house

This former wash-house is located not really far from the Franciscan convent and also near the public garden.

A kiker : when I took this shot, I noticed that a couple of vacationers was having a sunbath on the grass at the entrance of the public garden. Though it made me smile, I did not take a photo of them, with respect to their right of publicity.

4 commentaires:

Meg Nakagawa a dit…

Wash house - as in laundry? I read a while back that in the old days French women used red threads to embroidery (cross stich) names and initials on clothes so when they went to wash their close in a communcal laundry (?) place, the garnments don't get mixed up. Is this true, do you know? I saw some drawings of the embroidery, I think. (It was some years ago....)

Matthieu a dit…

Yes, it was like a laundry : a place where you came with your garments to be cleaned.

The water from the river (or another water supply) flows behind the roof and there were places where women bent over the water to wash their clothes.

I do not know if they used embroidery, not their clothes to be mixed with another's but I can totally imagine the scenery.

Of course, Lavoirs are no more used in France (well, I hope so). But there must have been used less than 50 years, which is quite recent. You may see lavoirs in a film one day.

But you should keep in mind that such an equipment should be used in some under-developed foreign countries nowadays.

Meg Nakagawa a dit…

Or, at times of crisis? I'm convinced more and more that this, and your communal oven, can come to the rescue when electriciy or computers fail. (OK, I'm being a bit fatalistic today.(

Matthieu a dit…

Meg, it is not a communal oven, as it is located in a private house, which is being renovated by its owner. Though you have other opportunities to cook during a power cut or failure, this oven is for sure a great means to cook pizzas or other crunchy meals.

I think I would not wash my clothes there. I was wondering how did NZ wash their garments 100 years (for instance) ago ...