22 août 2006



Un petit coin de campagne berrichonne en guise de publication aujourd'hui.

A field

A rural post for today. I shot this field in mid June, in the south of Indre ...

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Heather M. a dit…

Hi all! I really enjoy this blog as I will be moving to CHateauroux in September to be an English assistant at the University. I would enjoy any pictures of the town. You can send them to me at mather twin at hot mail . I am curious about what there is to do in the evenings. I am not expecting, nor do I want, any clubs but a wine bar would be nice. ;)

Matthieu a dit…

What a nice news ! I hope that you will enjoy your French stay !

I do not live in Châteauroux anymore and most of the shots I have - my gallery of unshown pictures is diminishing - were published on this blog. But if you really want to get the originals, I can send them at the mentioned email.

Are you interested in upgrading this blog in the future mounths ? If so, then let me know.

I have to acknowledge that Châteauroux is a small city, which is not as dynamic as greater towns. But I am sure you will meet news friends who will invite you to share their evenings. There are cafés (and even wine retailers) where you will be able to taste French wines. In the Berry, we have vines in Valençay, Reuilly and Sancerre. You will also be able to discover others drinks near Tours (120 km west of Châteauroux).

Heather M. a dit…

Thank you Matthieu, I am really excited. I don't mind it being a small town as long as I can make a few friends and travel a bit.I am glad the train station is right in town. I would be interested in updating the blog once I arrive. I will e-mail you then as I should have plenty of time on my hands. Wines from Sancerre are some of my favorites but a little bit expensive in the United States. Ca't wait to taste them locally. :)

Matthieu a dit…

You are right. The railway station, which is being restored, is in the center of town. You should also note that Châteauroux is not too far from Paris (you arrive in the parisian station of Austerlitz). Thus, you may have noticed that buses are free here.

I am really glad to read you might update this blog one day.

Your French stay will be duty free, so you will be able to taste local and national gastronomy. Do not focus on alcools only.

If you like, you can tell us more about your living place in the US and what you expect of your French experience.

Anonyme a dit…

I really don't understand how some american dude can feel excited about this poor city of Chateauroux. It is 50 000 inhabitant and there are only 2 cafés worth going. Night clubs are located in the countryside and you really need acar to get there, the entrance fee are 10-13 EUR, and for that amount you will have the pleasure to dance on crapy euro dance or 70's lousy disco. Anyway if you don't have a car to go around tha country, you'll be stuck there with nothing else to do than having a drink in one of these 2 cafés I told you about. There is only one cinema, that is the main attraction of the city. The festival DARC you heard about is in august, and apart from that, the is nothing else going on. If you get a chance, i advise you go in Tours Orléans, Marseilles, Paris, wherever there is life and things to see. Of course you'll see fiels, that will be super cool for the first 2 days, and then, you'll just die of boredom. When you go out in Chateauroux, first of all the streets are empty, and people living there all know each others, and they are not really welcoming with foreigners, they leave you aside, apart from the loosers who'll be hitting on you hard ! An assistant last year almost go rapped by a psycho while she was running in a park.