07 août 2006

Botte de foin

Botte de foin. Campagne berrichonne, sud du département

Une photo campagnarde prise dans le sud du département.

A bale

This photo of a bale was taken in the south of Indre, as I visited some relatives (refer to 07/07 post).

4 commentaires:

~tanty~ a dit…

We have the same here but they cover it with plastic. Great shot!

Matthieu a dit…

Some are also packed with plastic bag to preserve them from the moisture. But I prefer looking at natural bales in their fields. Thanks for your comment Tanty and congratulations for your shots in the park and its plants you introduced on your blog.

Passante a dit…

Monet would be proud of you!

Meg Nakagawa a dit…

Plastic around the bales look horrible, even if they use green plastic. I second you - natural bales look nicer.