13 juin 2006

Rue Grande gourmande

rue Grande un soir d'été, Châteauroux

Durant les weekends d'été, en soirée; une partie de la Rue Grande (Châteauroux) est fermée à la circulation. Les terrasses des restaurateurs envahissent le pavé et des musiciens apportent une ambiance musicale aux repas.

Grand street's summer dinners

During summer weekends, at evening, part of Rue Grande (Grand street) is closed. It enables restaurants'customers to dine on the pavement. Musicians gather there to entertain the covers.

2 commentaires:

Mark a dit…

I think this is something that a lot of towns should adopt. Nice photo.
I am running the funny caption competition over at Sainte Maxime DP today so come on over.

Matthieu a dit…

Thank you for your comment Mark. I have already had a look at the funny caption competition.

I may have a picture for you that I took last year in Provence (French Riviera), which is an area you should know perfectly :) and that I like so much.

As I have quitted Chateauroux for some days, you will have to wait a little bit till its publishing.