11 juin 2006

Berger couché avec son chien

Berger couché avec son chien, Place Saint-Cyran, Châteauroux

Place Saint-Cyran, à Châteauroux.
Ce bronze intitulé "Berger couché avec son chien" fut installé en 1997. Le plâtre original d'Ernest Nivet, à partir duquel if fut réalisé, a été acheté par l'État et déposé au musée de Châteauroux.

A shepherd lain with his dog ...

Berger couché avec son chien, Place Saint-Cyran, Châteauroux

... should be the English title of this bronze. The sculpture was made in 1997, thanks to an original plaster-cast from Ernest Nivet. The plaster was bought by the French authorities and has been given to the musem of Châteauroux.
Saint Cyran square, Châteauroux

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Przeslawa Sjosten a dit…

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Celine a dit…

That does look like a nice place to take a nap. :)

Mark a dit…

Welcome to the Dp family from Mark at Sainte Maxime Dp. Love your region of France will be back often.

Edgars Nilenders a dit…

Looking at the photographs of Chateauroux brings back wonderful memories. I served in the USAF in the early 1960's and had many French friends. I have been back once, and plan to return.
Edgars Nilenders

Matthieu a dit…

Dear Edgars Nilenders, I would be glad to share your shots of Châteauroux from the 60's if you have some.

The airport you worked by still exists. Nowadays, it is dedicated to cargos, airplane maintenance and to the training of airline companies'staff.

Note : some famous planes lend in Châteauroux, from the Concorde to the new Airbus A380 ...

Regards, Matthieu